CD Review: Tuxedo – “Fux with the Tux” (Stones Throw Records)



Sex appeal doesn’t just drip from Fux with the Tux, the surprise new EP from Tuxedo (the joint project between Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne), it simply oozes, thanks in large part to its seamless blend of all things funk, soul and dance. The opening title track bounces and swaggers so much it could make even Bruno Mars jealous, “Special” ebbs and flows thanks to monolithic synth and absolutely sexy work done by Tuxedo’s rhythm section and lounge-ready closer “July” slows things down with deep bass notes, striking vocal harmonies and absolutely engulfing atmospherics. And the fact that the EP is three songs and ten minutes long only makes things that much sexier. Above all else, with Tuxedo’s Fux with the Tux, one thing might be certain – we may have all just found a brand new soundtrack for lovemaking.

Grade: B

Go Download: “July”


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